Lay Summary

Lay Summary

Biophoton Emission Detection Technology in Diagnostics and Theranostics for Brain Cancer. 

Research Projects

Biophotons Advanced Diagnosis Device  


BioAdd mobile photomultiplier ( PMT) device will be delivered with micro sensitive PMTs, for human biophotons (UPE) emission detection and recording to extract data for cancer point of care (POC) non invasive fast diagnostic applying "labonachip" biosensoring approach in vivo tissues.

All the preceding TRL (from 1 to 3) have been already tackled and successfully overcome during previous research works. In particular, three major milestones have marked the completed phase “from idea to application” enabling the project to enter the next step "from lab to market":

M1) Preliminary study and research: this phase was conducted internally in VB lab, through the (human and material) resources of the company. The initial goal was to study how the internal production lines could be improved. Later, an exchange of views with some clients was conducted to verify their needs.

M2) Construction of an experimental pilot room lab: an experimental system was built (experimental but currently functioning).

M3) Experimentation successfully carried out on the small pilot room lab, on which some of the technologies here proposed have been tried, obtaining very good feedback from partners.